Declaration of Purpose of the National GrangeWho We Are

Society as a whole, is slowly moving towards a re-localization paradigm, even if many in industry fail to recognize it, or actively oppose it. We see this in our grocery stores with the ever-expanding range of local organic produce; Or in the increase in vibrant Farmer's Markets and in the creative ingenuity of many of our rural citizens. Our society has grown up around the paradigm of cheap energy and rapid mobility. This is changing no matter what anyone feels about it one way or the other.

Many of us feel that the Grange should accept this changing paradigm, and become a major player and even leader in rural communities in transition. The Green Granges project grew out of discussions with our fellow Grangers as well as other community members, on how we can encourage more local, basic needs endeavours. This Website and its subdomains will serve as a clearinghouse on how local Subordinant Granges can help take a leadership role in their communities.

The Founding Granges of this education, information and outreach Project are the Silverton, (No. 748); Macleay, (No. 293) and the Rockford, (No. 501) Oregon Granges. We have since been joined by Russellville, (No. 353) and Marys River, (No. 685). We are looking for others to join us! Help grow local Granges and our community's resiliancy! Click Here and fill out the form.

- Gus Frederick; Lecturer, Silverton Grange