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What is happening in the world of sustainability and transitional approaches to society? How can re-localization help improve our rural economies, by making them less-reliant on the centralized consumer society? As we find relevant tid-bits, we will post them here. Please feel free to Let Us Know if you find a story or video that you feel fits into the new Green Granger paradigm...

New Crop of Farmers

YES! Magazine: Today's young farmers come from all walks of life yet they share a passion for life on the land. The young farmers we spoke to are protecting the land and the seeds, reclaiming farming traditions, and sharing the abundance with familiy and community....

Small Farmer & Ranchers Rally

Family Farmer and Rancher Day at the Oregon Capitol: Come to Salem for the Family Farmer and Rancher Day at the Capitol on March 15th. Talk to your legislators about the importance of local agriculture, support our farmers and ranchers, and help create the kind of food system you would like to see in our state...

Young Generation of Farmers Emerges

The Greening of the Granges: A New York Times article about the new food culture. The story features our fellow Green Grangers from Marys River in Benton County...

Egg Recall Drives Worried Customers to Farmers Markets

Small egg farms across the U.S. report selling out as recall grows: Jackie Dearing of Bloomington, Ill., sold all of her 50 dozen eggs at the local farmers market on Saturday, including carton after carton to new customers worried about a large and growing salmonella scare linked to millions of grocery store eggs...

Center for American Progress

Finding Vegetables in Unexpected Places: In the city of Detroit, the most accessible food-related establishments are party stores, dollar stores, fast-food restaurants, and gas stations, states the city's Food Security Policy, which lays out Detroit's plan for ensuring its residents have access to healthy and affordable food. Urban agriculture is an important part of the solution. Urban agriculture, or urban farming, is becoming more common not only in Detroit, where some say the trend began, but around the country.

Ammonia BeefSafety of Beef Processing Method Is Questioned

Safety of Beef Processing Method Is Questioned: Eight years ago, federal officials were struggling to remove potentially deadly E. coli from hamburgers when an entrepreneurial company from South Dakota came up with a novel idea: injecting beef with ammonia...